Your Project / Our Services

BEC provides its expertise and experience for your project with the following construction jobs for:

  • civil engineering works
  • microtunnelling, pipe jacking works and other trenchless construction methods
  • channel and pipeline works in open cut and trenchless method
  • works under air pressure
  • management systems
    (e.g. DVGW-guidelines GW 301, W120-1, W120-2, AGFW FW 601, DIN EN ISO 9001)

By the way, it doesn't matter whether your are a client or a contractor. We think, that knowing both sides with their special needs and ways of thinking may be your benefit.

Our services are:

  • planning (all phases from basic evaluation to final documentation)
  • estimation of costs
  • comparison of costs
  • examination of construction varieties
  • construction preparation
  • project management
  • claim management (dfending and optimization)
  • expert opinions and advisory opinions
  • speeches and lectures
  • systems for quality assurance (preparation, assistance and execution)

Your Project shall be successful!