Current Lecture Period Winter 2018/2019

BEC Academy provides the following lecture themes:


  • Lecture for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) for gas- und water pipelines - requirements, quality assurance and testing according to Working Sheet GW 321 (GW 302, Group GN2). The Technical Guidelines of the Delling Contractors Association (DCA) for Information and Recommendations for the Planning, Construction and Documentation of HDD-Projects are included in the lecture.
  • Lecture for Pipe Jacking - Requirements of DWA-A 125 Pipe Jacking and Related Techniques: components for pipe jacking worksplanning and preparation and quality assurance.

All lectures are held by our senior engineer Dipl.-Ing. Tim E. E. Becker.

We are looking forward to modulate the lectures contents with you and to provide an offer to you.